Sturgis 2006 Pictures

August 4th - 9th

Old Coots on Old Scoots (article from Chromed Out Magazine)
KC Tommy's 2006 Sturgis Pictures
Collage of Weasel Pictures from FYB to Johnny T
Claydogs Sturgis Pict's
Gnome's Pic's (linked to Gashville)

Weasel Wednesday
We wouldn't be Weasels without Weasel Wednesday.

Uncle Don's Burnout

4am KC
Started the old school chopper run in KC at 4am.

Hit the Wagon Wheel Bar when we hit the badlands runnin' on hwy 44.

Main Street Sturgis
Ran into Claydog and Tammy on Main Street in Sturgis

Radar and Lonny
Met Radar and Lonny, Radar ways in at 2,500lbs so his name comes first (Radar's a steer).

Billy Ray & Weasel Wednesday.

Dixie at the Rose
Dixie at the South Dakota Rose.

Jawz Y El Butche!!
Mis amigos Jawzus y El Butche.

I got the internet going nuts...
We got the internet going nuts...

AHDRA Pro Fuel
Sturgis and racing go hand in hand. Here's a little AHDRA Pro Fuel pic.

Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain (Hwy 16a) (pic from

Iron Mountain, SD
Toad on tour on Iron Mountain Road, SD.

Butche's Buddy
Butche made this kids day.

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